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We are collaborating with Rebekah the Ghost Guide! Lala Lotus Co. has teamed up with Rebekah The Ghost Guide to bring you the Ghost Fam Collection.

Sold Out but still wanting to shop? Use Rebekah's referral code to check out all of Lala Lotus Co's stock!

Code: ghostguide

Reviews For The Ghost Fam Collection

Christine Kitzerow

Molli's Night Out Choker

It is so beautiful, thank you so much

Meghan Abalos

Jimothy's Adventuring Keychain

I absolutely LOVE Jimothy’s Adventuring keychain! I put it on my car keychain and I feel protected while I drive 😊

Rupert's Protection Bracelet

This is an amazing piece! I love mine and wanted to get another one as a gift!

Missy White

Rupert's Protection Bracelet

Love love love it. Ordering was easy, delivery was fast, and the bracelet exceeded my expectations.

Julie Siler

Jimothy's Protection Keychain

I'm using this piece to adorn my handbag, it's beautiful and well made; love it!

Meghan Abalos

Molli's Night Out Choker

I was so excited to receive this necklace! It is absolutely beautiful! This along with the Rebekah necklace are two of my favorite necklaces ❤️❤️

Rebekah The Ghost Guide Necklace

This necklace is so beautiful! I cannot wait to wear it! This along with Molli’s Night Out necklace are two of my favorite necklaces ❤️❤️

Caitlin Mussler

Rebekah The Ghost Guide Necklace
This piece is absolutely stunning I love it so much!

Rebeccah Mathias

Molli's Night Out Choker

I love it! It's so pretty and well made!

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